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Graphic Designing

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Graphic design is the process of imaged communication. Solving a problem through the use of photography, images, and pictorial representation is known as graphic design. Graphic design uses imaged compositions to communicate ideas and solve the problem. The best graphic design institute in Jaipur is Creative web pixel. Creative web pixel is having the best graphic design courses in Jaipur. In a graphic design course, we provide classes from basics to advance level. We are providing the classes of the courses that come under graphic design. You can learn the course according to your interest.


Surendra Kharol

My passion for design fuels my desire to inspire and educate students, guiding them through the fundamentals of graphic design while encouraging creativity and critical thinking. Through engaging lessons and hands-on projects, I aim to empower students to explore their potential and excel in this dynamic field.

Course : Graphic Designing, Photography | Videography, Video Editing


₹ 30000


Surendra Kharol


6 to 8 Months


05 Live Project


Term 01
  • Tools

  • Layers

  • Options

  • Efects

  • Actions

  • Filter

  • Object masking

  • Text efacts

  • Menu

  • Animation

  • Gif Animation

  • Cliping Masking

Term 02
  • Introduction To Figma UI and Desktop

  • Frame Vs Slice Tool

  • Draw Vector Shapes & Pen Tool

  • Figma Components

  • Figma Constraints

  • Understanding Grid System

  • Prototyping Projects

  • Exporting

  • Boolean Operations

  • Masking

  • Principles of Design

  • What is a Wire Frame?

  • Wireframe Management

Term 03
Coral Draw
  • Introduction

  • Interface

  • Pick Tool

  • Freehand

  • Free Transform

  • Shape Tools

  • Crop Tools

  • Zoom and Pan Tools

  • Freehand Tools

  • Artistic Media Tools

  • Rectangle and Ellipse Tools

  • Common Shapes

  • Text Tool

  • Dimensions and Connector Tools

  • Drop Shadow and Contour Tools

  • Blending and Distort Tools

  • Envelop and Block Shadow Tools

  • Transparency

  • Eyedropper Tools

  • Interactive fill Tool

  • Smart fill Tool

  • Mesh fill tool

  • Exporting

Term 04
  • 4k videography advertise

  • commerical videography

  • drone videography

  • model videography

  • live videography

  • Corporate Films & Industrial Films

  • Client Testimonial Videos

  • Product & Brand Campaign Videos

  • Event Coverage

  • Leadership Interviews

  • Training Videos

  • Property Video

  • Social Media Video

  • Creative Videos (Music Video Short Film)

  • Sales & Marketing Videos

  • Real estate video tour

  • Youtube video recording

Term 05
  • Clips and sequences

  • Exporting frames

  • Managing your projects

  • Creating titles

  • Exploring compositing techniques

  • Color correction and grading

  • Adding video

  • Sweetening sound

  • Editing and mixing audio

  • Multicamera editing

  • Putting clips in motion

  • Advanced editing techniques

  • Adding transitions

  • Working with markers

  • Working with clips

  • Essentials of video editing

  • Organizing media

  • Importing media

  • Setting up a projects

Term 06
After Effect
  • Fundamentals of Motion Graphics

  • RGB Color Model

  • Resolution

  • Overview of panels

  • Creating a project

  • Importing footage

  • Customizing workspaces

  • Basic Animation

  • Using Effects and Presets

  • Applying effects to a layer

  • Keyframe interpolation

  • Working With Masks

  • About masks

  • Creating a mask with the Pen tool

  • Editing a mask

  • Animating Text

  • About text layers

  • Using a text animation preset

  • Working with Shape Layers

  • Adding a shape layer

  • Work with Adjustment layers

  • About the Puppet tools

  • Animating pin positions

Term 07
Adobe Illustrator
  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

  • Basic Shapes and Objects

  • Color and Swatches

  • Typography

  • Drawing and Painting Tools

  • Working with Layers

  • Transforming and Distorting Objects

  • Working with Images

  • Symbols and Patterns

Term 08
  • Creating clickable prototypes in InVision

  • Collaborating with teams and clients

  • Gathering feedback and iterating designs

  • Inspecting designs for development handoff

About This Course

Graphic design is the process of imaged communication. Solving a problem through the use of photography, images, and pictorial representation is known as graphic design. Graphic design uses imaged compositions to communicate ideas and solve the problem. The best graphic design institute in Jaipur is Creative web pixel. Creative web pixel is having the best graphic design courses in Jaipur. In a graphic design course, we provide classes from basics to advance level. We are providing the classes of the courses that come under graphic design. You can learn the course according to your interest.

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Graphic design course in Jaipur

Creative Web Pixel is providing all different types of courses which belong under graphic design. By different types of courses means diploma in graphic designer, bachelors in graphic designer and masters also. Best graphic design courses in Jaipur are available only in creative web pixel. We are also planning to take all the other courses related to graphic design in our institute. We provide you the best trainers which will guide you in all the aspects. Once you will join the best graphic design institute in Jaipur, you will be proud to be part of our institute.

Graphic design courses syllabus

Every institute and college may have a different curriculum in a graphic design course. But we have the finest graphic design course syllabus that will help you to learn from the fundamentals. We start from the fundamentals because as if you are interested in learning graphic designing but don't have knowledge related to the introduction of graphic design we can learn easily.

Apart from all the mentioned topics, we also cover the theory part related to the graphic design course. So, you will know the working of all the software, tools and what is the requirement of this software. Even if you don't know the basics of this course, you don't need to worry that we are here to help you and guide you from the start. We have the best institute for a graphic designing course in Jaipur. We also call companies for placements. As we have a strong reputation in the IT industry for 15 years. We provide a graphic design course with placement. If you are an expert in your skills in a graphic design course, we will guide you on how to crack the placement procedure and get the placement. We provide you the proper graphic design coaching. We also conduct an expert session from the industry people, so that you can learn more about your course. These people will tell you what is the newest trending technology in which they are working in the industry. These sessions will help you to find your way in which you are going to work further. As a creative web pixel, graphic design courses institute in Jaipur doing their best to give the best.

Objective of graphic design course

The aim of the graphic design course is to solve a problem with visual communication. Nowadays people feel more connected with the images, symbols, and logos rather than text printed in the paper and hoardings. The visual concepts are used to express ideas, messages, and awareness. Graphic design course is also used to create the hoarding and logos for the companies. E-learning companies need the graphic designer who creates the focal points which grab the attention of the students. Graphic designer work contributes very high in the income of the company.

After graphic design course student would be able to work as

There are many jobs available after the graphic designer course in which students would be able to work. Few of the example is: -

Flash Animator: - In which you create an animation for a website, videos, games and studying the material.

Layout Designer: - In which you work with the text and images on printed paper, to convert it into readable form.

UI Designer: - In which you create a user interface for the various applications.

Apart from this, you can also work as a web developer if you learn HTML and JavaScript deeply. As these are the most essential programming languages required to create a website. You can start your work in between your courses also. It will help you to learn more. It will also help you to start your earnings.

Graphic design job in Jaipur

There are various graphic designer jobs in Jaipur. We are going to tell some of the companies who are providing full-time, part-time, home-based jobs in Jaipur. Even if you are studying graphic design you can work part-time.

Few well-known companies of Jaipur: -

Graphic designer

Graphic designer Scribble solution

Graphic designer Urg infotech

These are the few companies that are on the top who are giving jobs. You can search more about these companies on google and explore more other jobs related to the graphic designer. Nowadays every organization needs a graphic designer with a starting package of 3 lakhs per annum which is a good peek. Every organization includes whether it is a comic writer company, TV and advertising company, and many other organizations.

Graphic designer course fees and duration

It depends on the type of course, you are doing whether it is a diploma, graduation or masters in graphic design. The course fees also vary from college to college and institute to institute depending on where you are doing your graphic design certification. We are providing the graphic design certification for 4 months and the course fees is 15,000. This is just an observed view of the course fee. There are some institutions that have higher course fees than ranges described above. As we already said, it totally and completely depends upon the graphic design colleges in Jaipur or other cities that are providing graphic design courses and graphic design certifications. If you are thinking that only after doing the graduation in the graphic design course you will get the job, then you are thinking in the wrong direction. Even if you do a diploma or certification then also you will get the same package in which the graduation person is hired. It all depends upon the capability of your work.

After your web designing certification in our institute, we are also conducting a placement drive for you. The average package offered by the companies is 3 lakhs. It might be more than that or less than that completely depends on the company. We will also train you for the placements. But it totally depends on your ability to crack the interview. We are here to help you and guide you for your future.

What is the required skill set for graphic designers?

This is the most important question that arises in your mind. You don't need to worry we will clear all the doubts that are arising in your mind. There are only a few skills required for the graphic designer.

The most important thing is your interest in learning a graphic design course:-

Creativity skills are required.

Dedication for learning the software which is thoroughly used in graphic designing.

Knowledge of basic programming languages like Html and JavaScript.

Time management so that you can complete your work on time.

Good communication skills are very much required to become a graphic designer because if you have good communication then only you can convince another person for your designs.

Ability to work in the team as you should corporate with every person of your team.

Ability to work with details that's how you can become a good graphic designer.

Ability to work long hours as sometimes a design needs all your attention so you have to sit for long hours to complete then design precisely.

These are the few skills required to become a graphic designer. Even if you have any of the ones, we will help you to get all the skills. There is no basic qualification required, the only requirement is your interest in creativity. But if you want to do a master's in a graphic design course, you must have a bachelor's degree in a graphic design course.

Apart from the certification, the creative web pixel is the best institute for graphic designing training in Jaipur. During your training period, we will give you live projects which help you learn how to work in MNCs. Our trainer will guide you in from each and every corner. They help you to sharpen your skills thoroughly so that you will face any problem in companies. We do our best to provide a real-world scenario during your training period. These small things will help you to grow more, enhance and polish your skills.

We also provide digital marketing course in Jaipur and web designing course in Jaipur.

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